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How to do a background check for Pre-employment screening?

How to do a background check on a person using Google?

How can I do a background check on myself?

How can I search criminal records by social security number?

How do I get a copy of my criminal record?

How can I do an absolutely free background check?

How far back can background checks go legally?

What shows up on a national criminal background check?

What is a fingerprint background check?

What can come up on a background check?

What does a background check show about your education?

How can I run a free arrest warrant check on myself or someone else?

How do I run a criminal background check online?

Will a misdemeanor show up on a background check?

How can I check a person’s marital status?

Can I travel with a criminal record?

How can I do a 10 year federal background check?

What is the National Instant Criminal Background Check System?

How can I search arrest records online?

How can I get a police background check?

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How can I do a online criminal background check?

There is no nationwide comprehensive criminal records check. Only the FBI has this capability and they use the databases of the National Crime Information Center and people must have background check security clearance. This can be accessed only if you are in a law enforcement department or know someone who is in it since the NCIC data is off limits to the public. However there are other options available if you are doing a background check free of a prospective employee, babysitter, tenant, roommate or a marriage partner. Sometimes you can do a background check and no credit card is needed they may offer you a background check with a free trial or just a down right free background on a person. You can use this website freebackgroundcheck.org to do a free background check on someone or a business and it’s actually 100% free.

You can begin by trying a free criminal records search at CriminalPages.com website. It gives a fairly good nationwide criminal records search data. It is not fool proof, nor does it cover every state but it is adequate for someone wanting to do a free online criminal history check. Many counties, cities and states have free background checks online resources for checking a person’s criminal history or prison record. Using the links in their online sites will give you the necessary information. Local public records carry more details.

There are thousands of commercial background check services that do such criminal background checks and you can hire them. They have their limitations but you can get adequate information from them, at a fee. http://www.FreeCriminalBackgroundCheck.us is a free criminal background check website that gives you tons of information on how to conduct a background check for free on somebody. Their background search includes many county and state criminal and civil court records, sex offenders’ registry database and other legal sources. There are specialty databases which reveal criminal backgrounds and uncover important information, if you need. These background check websites make it easy to find out someone’s current employer, do a background check on your boyfriend, check someone’s driving record or do a background check misdemeanor records. You can find out alot of stuff by running a background check on people.

Do misdemeanors show up on background checks?

The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission states that most employers run a background check of a job applicant’s criminal history before job offer. They want to be safe and not take any risk while employing new people. Many things get shown up during such criminal background investigation. Convictions, dismissals, arrests will all be shown in their records and the detective agency will file a report stating all this. That is why many new prospective employees want to know how far do background checks go, what employers look for in background checks and what is in a background check? This is why when hiring someone or wanting to learn how to do a background check on someone it is wise to use some of the best background check companies online when doing a background check for employment.

Many companies have a policy of not hiring those convicted of any misdemeanor. Any person after the age of 18 has a record where all his arrests, implications, convictions are recorded. And these will all come up in a criminal background check, hence if an employer asks whether a person has been convicted or if he has any criminal record, it is better to answer honestly and leave it to the employer to take a decision to hire or not. Today there are many background check agencies which keep a record of all criminal cases, convicted or otherwise, hence even a long forgotten one may just come up during a background check. It is always better to be on the safe side of the law and not commit any misdemeanor. And if it is recorded, it is better to be honest about it and tell the investigating authority about it.

Pre employment background check

The Society for Human Resource Management states that more than 96 percent of U.S. Employers use background checks before employing personnel. This validates the identity and background of applicants, screens them for drug use and finds out their criminal history. But care has to be taken to avoid certain legal liabilities. For that you have to first ensure that the applicant grants permission for the background check to be performed. That is very important otherwise you are liable for legal problems.

You can do the background check and screen your employees yourself or you can get a background checking company to do the needful. This will save you time and energy and also to avoid legal implications as these background checking companies know how to go about it without getting into legal hassles. You have to respect the privacy and discrimination laws while you are conducting the background checks. There are certain rules about asking for medical records or refusing employment to the disabled. This is why many people want to know why employers do background checks and what jobs don’t do background checks.
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Your background checks should confirm academic qualification and credentials. It is recorded that nearly forty percent of people enhance their qualifications and lay false claims to certain educational pursuits. You can verify military records without the candidate’s consent. This information is limited to name, rank, salary, assignments and promotions. Each state has different rules and regulations and you should check the one’s of your state. This is especially true for criminal records. Some may restrict hiring of people with past criminal history; others may relent if a considerable time has elapsed between committing the crime and the checking of the criminal record.

More help for you to understand how to do a background check on your job applicants and employee’s without getting into legal trouble.

Privacy Rights : Employment Background Check Guide Find out things such as:
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Learn about the Fair Credit Reporting Act and how that affects how background checks are performed and more.

Pre Employment Background Check | Government Resource Gain access to official resources from the USA government. Learn more about credit reports, criminal records, lie detector tests, medical records, school records and much more in depth information about the rights as an employer and employee when it comes to background checks.

How can I do a background check on someone using Google

People do background checks on potential employees, property rentals, marriage or dating people and others. Today it has become fairly easy to do so because of the Internet and search engines. If you have the person’s full name, his social security number, his driving license number and other such important information, it then becomes quite easy. Heck you can even do a background check by phone number. Companies do it and so do individuals. In case there are two or more people sharing the same name, then you can check through the date of birth. The date of birth and doing a background check with social security number will ensure that the person really exists and that it is not a fictional name. You can get the person’s present and past addresses, his sex, age, race, DMV records, credit history and other personal details.

You can start by Googling the person’s name and the area the person lives in and the type of information your looking for will help to narrow down your search. Some background check websites will let you do a background check with no credit card needed and some offer background checks for free online. You just have to find the best background check services to do a background check the best way.

EX: “John Richards, Indianapolis Indiana Criminal Records”
EX: “George Johnson, Houston Texas Public Marriage Records”

Persons name | The Area | the type of record your looking for.

Most of this information is available in public records. Like divorce records, death, criminal court cases etc. If you can’t do get this information by doing the public record search yourself on Google then you may have to visit a background check website instead of digging for hours and hours trying to find this info. You can get a background check by SSN check out some background check reviews or just dive into it and do a background check on an individual online.

How to do a background check on myself?

There are times when you feel that you should know whats on your own background check. Instead of finding out whats on your record through your would-be employer, it is best to find out yourself what shows up on your background check. To do this you will want to learn how you can check your criminal record online and how to get your criminal history. You may even want to look into how to get free background checks and find out how much are background checks before you pay for one. You can get your driving records through the Department of Motor Vehicles. This is necessary when you are applying for the post of a driver or a mail carrier or a delivery person. You will then know exactly where you stand. You can also do a free background check on yourself but free sometimes will get you inaccurate results.

There are several online background check services that provide you with a personal background check free. You can talk to the people you have given as references and see if they can give you a written reference. If you get a copy on your criminal background then you will know exactly what these people will tell your would be employers about you. The simplest thing is to enter your name and city in a search engine on the Internet and check what comes up. Also you may be able to get a free background check with social security number if your lucky, but it’s not likely. However, it’s much easier if you do a background check on someone with their social security number. You will know if there is some incriminating thing about you which will come up during a background check. Lastly you can get a confirmed FCRA background check report by hiring a screening firm to do this for a fee of about $30 to $50, depending upon what you want to know about yourself.

How to find someone’s criminal history with a social security number?

There are several reasons why you may need to do a criminal check on someone with their social security number. You may be hiring a nanny or a housekeeper or a private teacher and you should know what type of person you are allowing to enter your house and be in charge of your children or finances. Also many people want to find out if someone is a felon or see if someone has been convicted of a crime in their area or neighborhood. If you run a criminal background check on people and see that the person is reliable then you can set your mind at rest and go ahead hiring the person.

You can search for a criminal record by someone’s social security number in the state where the person lives. All states have government websites and the FBI does too. These are the best websites to do a background check by SSN and to find check your own record online. You can also visit this free criminal records website to search criminal records free and do free background checks. You can log on to the state website and you can look up criminal history of people by going to the judiciary portion of the website. Here you can look up public criminal records of other people, search for felons in your area, see if you have a criminal record and more. Alternately you can hire a professional private investigator, give him the social security number of the person whom you want to investigate and he will provide you the information for a fee. You can get the name of such detectives by finding it out from a search engine or yellow pages where you will get the information.

How can I get my criminal record and a copy of the criminal background report?

A person’s criminal record is an official record of any criminal offense where he has been arrested or convicted of a crime. Even traffic violations may come under criminal offenses in some states. Unless you get a pardon or are expunged, the entry will remain on your record and will appear whenever there is a background criminal check.

Sometimes you may even forget the violation which happened many years back. Hence it becomes necessary for the person himself to check your own criminal record so that he will know what comes up when someone wants to look up your criminal charges and convictions in the past. You will need a background check when buying a gun and you will need a background check to work with children or to become a volunteer fire fighter. You may also want to know how long a background check takes or how to do a background check to view previous employers. Their are many reasons and ways to do a background check on people online.

You have to first collect all your details, your personal information and official documents like birth certificate, driver’s license, passport etc. You can visit your state government’s website, call your local police station and or sheriffs office. You can also visit the FBI website to do a fingerprint nationwide criminal history check. Different states may have different background check procedures. The clerk or the person in charge will be able to tell you what you should do. If you know your criminal case and have the necessary information you can just request the office to give you a copy of your criminal history. You will have to make a request for a background check and fill out an application as well. If your offense is older than ten years, you have to contact the Department of State. You can get a copy of your background history from the FBI as well. These days it is possible to get all the details online by keying in your name and state in a search engine. You can also take a print out of the results.

How to do a 100% free background check on someone

It is possible to do an absolutely free background check on yourself. You can collect all sorts of information about the people you want to know about through various websites on the net. Detectives can always perform background checks but they will charge you. You can do them yourself without any cost if you use a web tool called people finders. They will provide you with background information about the name, present and past addresses, telephone numbers and other information. Facebook or Myspace pages will give you the rest of the information.

Pipl.com is one of the best free people finders website. Once you get these basic details you can do a free criminal background check. Criminalsearches.com gives you information about someone’s criminal history and it is a way to do a 100% free criminal check on a person. This check is done for almost every employment area and it is especially important if you are looking for a nanny or a private teacher as you will be entrusting your child to them. You can also do a Google search using the person’s name and all the websites where his name is mentioned will come up. Following these links will fetch you all the information you want. The best part is it is a way to do a absolutely free background check on people. Its even easier to do a free background check on a person if you know what website to use. So its not that hard to get a free background check online no registration needed. But just know that free websites to do background checks will most likely not give you complete information. Hence you get what you pay for.

What is the legality of background checks and how far do they go?

Everyone knows that background checks are an important part of employment. Not only general but also criminal background checks are done for the safety and the mental peace of the employers. However permission of the candidate is necessary and should be obtained before performing the background check. You should know how far back criminal checks can go legally which will help the employers and the applicants. Also you should find out how long background checks take to get the results back.

First of all people should know that employers can request for a criminal background check of the prospective employees. Others also may need criminal background checks. Those asking for volunteers who will be working with members of the public closely or with children will also ask for a background check and they are within their legal rights. The background check will search through the database of criminal records which all States maintain. They will use the full legal name of the person, date of birth and social security number to find out the details. Any felonies or misdemeanors that a person might have been charged with or convicted will come to the fore.

The background check will give information which dates back seven years. The time may vary depending upon individual state laws and regulations. Some states do not allow employers to access criminal records of people from other states while others have limits on how far back the record check can be allowed to go. If the employee has failed to give information about his criminal record and this comes up during a criminal background check, then he can be denied employment or if already employed, his employment can be revoked. However if he has himself voluntarily discloses the information, the employer may offer employment on a trial or conditional basis.

What are the contents of a nationwide background check?

There are times when someone needs a criminal background check of someone else. The National Crime Information Center does the national criminal checks for the Federal Bureau of Investigation. This was created in 1993 which tracks the purchase of guns. Arrest records are accessible from city, state and federal departments as every state keeps a record of all these happenings. An employer may want to verify when a person was arrested, whether he was acquitted or convicted, for how long and why. Its a must to do a background check in all states so you get an accurate report on someone’s history.

The FBI, state and local police have a databank which records all information on civilians. This may be recorded in the Vital Information section of the state. Drug handling, drug involvement and drug taking is also a crime. Previous drug convictions can cause problems when applying for a job. Drug related activity is provided by the U.S.Marshals Service, the Office of Foreign Assets Control, U.S. Treasury Department and the Drug Enforcement Administration. Cases against doctors are provided by the Drug Enforcement Administration.

The FBI has a public list of anyone incarcerated from 1982 onwards and if anyone has been convicted of a crime and served time, the record will be publicly available so that people can take protection. These criminal records can be checked and information collected through agencies or by individuals.

What is involved with doing a fingerprint background check?

There are several instances where a fingerprint background check needs to be done. Public agencies or those doing business in the public sector need fingerprint background checks before accepting any employees. Nowadays the private businesses are also depending on the record checks before employing people. These checks are needed for anyone who works with children, like teachers, school support personnel; community youth sports coaches and others. Generally the local police department performs the fingerprinting for civilian background checks. A card is provided which needs to be shown when demanded. However the traditional fingerprint card is now being phased out and fingerprints on the net are taken.

The fingerprints after being taken are scanned on an Internet based program. They are compared to a national law enforcement fingerprint database. This database contains millions of fingerprints taken. The FBI’s Integrated Automated Finger Identification System IAFIS searches for fingerprints from many sources which include criminal records, driver’s license applications and previous jobs that needed fingerprint identification. Also, most states ask for a fingerprint record checks when people seek weapon permits. They have to get a fingerprint card or scan at the local police department. Fingerprints today are taken on an Internet based program like WebCheck which takes less than a day for results if the individual has no criminal record. Some people may even want to run a background check on a plastic surgeon, a background check childs coach or run a background check job history search to find out where someone has been employed at before. Their are many background check procedures and ways to do them and fingerprint criminal checks are basically the best way.

What shows up on a background check?

Employers, the government, business people or individuals may need criminal background checks on people for various reasons. Even lawyers and advocates also need to check peoples background. You should know what can come up during a criminal check and find out what shows up. Basic information like the full and correct name, the address, age and gender will be there naturally. Even his Social Security number, and also details of state, federal or international crimes he may have done will be recorded. This information may have been gathered from local, state and federal agencies, relating to fingerprint submissions. You can also do a background check in all states.

Fingerprints may have been taken during an arrest, and the details of the date of arrest, charge and the outcome of the arrest, whether convicted or not, will be recorded. An FBI Identification Record which is often informally known as a criminal background check contains all this information collected from various sources. Since different background check agencies collect the information the responsibility of authenticating and if necessary, correcting the information lies with those agencies.

You have to be very careful when asking someone to perform a criminal background check. You have to get the permission of the person whose criminal history will be checked. They may volunteer the information themselves or it may come up during the background investigation. You can find out if someone has filed bankruptcy by doing a background check on them or do a background check marital status to see if someone has been married before. Their are lots of reasons for one to want to run a background check on somebody. You should find out about background check prices and the background check process before attempting to run a background check on your plumber, background check volunteer coaches or your physician.

What does a background check show about someone’s education

When a person wants to hire someone, the potential employee will fill out a background check authorization form where he will give details about himself, his address, and other important things. His educational qualifications should also be there. There are chances that the educational information given is not correct or misrepresented and you need to find out the exact qualifications of the candidate. For that you have to conduct a background check which will tell you all details. You can depend on a third party source to verify this background check.

Education background check will show the courses the person has undertaken, and the grades he has received for each course. The dates of attendance and the highest degree or diploma will be included. It will confirm what the employee has mentioned in his application form, and his graduation details. You can get more details of a person’s GPA for the period spent in the school. All major information will be included and if you need any additional information you can ask for it. Pre employment screening is very important while hiring a person so that all risk is avoided. You will need permission from the person to conduct it. An honest person will not have any objections to do this. You can easily go on the web to conduct a background check online to find out where someone graduated college or to find out if someone has went to college. Their are many reasons why you may want to check details of someones education. Background checks make that easy.

How can I do a free arrest warrant search on someone?

If you need to check outstanding warrants or arrest records on someone it is easy to run a free arrest warrant check by going online. You can begin by gathering as much information about the person you want to see if someone has a warrant or not. This includes his full name, age, date of birth, and address. This is enough for you to get the basic information about someone. You can check at your local police and sheriff websites and these are the right places to perform a free arrest warrant check.

Many cities and states have local law enforcement websites where just the name of the person is enough to get you the details about someones criminal history. There are several search and public records websites online which allow you access to arrest warrant searches. This information is generally enough for most people. Your state’s main website can also give enough details. Every state has different rules and regulations but it is not difficult to get the information you need as it is for the benefit of the public. Ringing up the sheriff’s office and talking personally to someone important in the department will give you ready information on the background of the person you want to check. Some sheriffs’ departments have a dedicated line for warrants and some do not, so you have to find out. But most will have a police records database where they can access information about people and let you know if someone has been arrested or if they have a warrant out for their arrest.

Need to do a background check to find out someone’s marital status

For personal reasons you may want to find out someone’s marriage details. Checking the marriage records of someone means that you have to conduct a marriage background check. For doing this you need to know as many details as possible of the person like his full name, his date of birth, date of marriage, state where he resides etc.

All states maintain Vital public records which give details of birth, marriage, death and other such information. However marriage records may not be available online or free. You have to go to the vital record offices and request for the details. Every state has its own marriage records and special offices to record them. You can also go through search engines and type the name of the person and his state and get some information on where to get more details. You have to go through official sites which generally end in .us or .gov. You can get divorce details also. It may cost money but it is not expensive. You should, however, know that there are many scam companies as well which may mislead you and give wrong information or incomplete one. There are good ones also. You have to find out which are better. Good companies have their representatives going to the state offices and getting the records themselves. And they can be trusted

Can I still travel if I have a criminal history?

If a person unfortunately has a criminal record, it does not necessarily mean that he cannot travel to other places. You can travel domestically but for international travel you may be denied visas, or entry to foreign places. If you want to travel, you should first apply for a passport. Unless you are on probation or have outstanding warrants or bail conditions, your passport application should not be affected. Passport applications are checked automatically and if there is any problem you will have to get international travel approved by the court.

Every country has its own rules and regulations regarding travel for such people with criminal backgrounds. When you are planning a foreign trip it is advisable to check with the embassy or the consulate of the country you are planning to visit. Countries like the US ask that travelers with criminal records get a waiver which is obtained on making an application and paying a fee. This is valid for five years but again, the rules vary from country to country. Some countries are very strict and can refuse entry to those who have been convicted of specific crimes like murder, or drugs or guns. If you have been pardoned in your country for the criminal offense it may not be internationally recognized and your pardon may not show in the criminal background check. This is why it is necessary for you to know background check procedures.

How do I do a 10 year federal background check?

If you want to adopt a baby, or if you want to join an organization, travel or seek admission in an educational institution, you may need a ten year Federal Background Check. A 10 year federal check needs a written application and a copy of your fingerprints which you can send to the FBI with the necessary check or money order. You will have to write a covering letter specifying why you need the ten year FBI background check.

The FBI website gives a sample letter which you can use as a guide. You can get a set of your fingerprints by going to the police department which will ink your fingers and roll them over the fingerprint form. It is not necessary that you get your fingerprints at a police station. You can get them from any reliable source which has fingerprinting experience, otherwise it is risky. The fingerprint form can also be downloaded. Include a certified check, not a personal one, money order or credit card authorization for $18 along with the letter and fingerprints. Send them to the FBI office along with the payment.

Their address is:
FBI CJIS Division-Record Request,
100 Custer Hollow Road,
Clarksburg, West Virginia 26306

It may take four to six weeks before your request is processed. In case you need it earlier, mention it in the letter and on the cover so that you will get it when you want.

What is the NICS?

Many people would want to buy firearms, maybe for their own safety or for any other reason. The firearms dealer has to check whether he can sell firearms to the buyer and for that he needs to do a quick background check. The 1993 Brady Act required waiting periods and the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) was mandated by it. With NICS, it is possible to run a instant criminal background of prospective gun buyers. The Brady Law’s permanent provisions took effect from November 1998 and now the seller does not have to wait for a long period. NICS is located in West Virginia at the FBI Criminal Justice Information division. It serves licensed firearms dealers in several states and the District of Columbia.

When a prospective buyer approaches a firearms dealer, he has to conduct a criminal background check of the person and has to contact the NICS for it. It barely takes a minute for the check and the permission to proceed with the transaction or not. If the instant background checks contain some incriminating evidence, then the NICS can tell the dealer to deny the sale. Those found to have been convicted of a crime which carries a prison term of a year or more are prohibited from purchasing firearms. A fugitive from justice, a mentally challenged incompetent person, a person having a history of domestic violence or one who has been convicted of use or possession of illegal drugs can also be denied permission to purchase firearms. So if you have a felony record you will most likely not be able to purchase a gun. Felony convictions and charges will keep you from purchasing a firearm.

How do I find someone’s arrest records online?

There may be times when you need to find out if someone has been arrested or to search peoples arrest history online. You may be just interested or you may be thinking of hiring him or making friends with him or you may even plan on making him or her your life partner. To find out details of someone’s arrests or criminal charges online you have to first get the accurate name and spelling of the person whose arrest record you are searching, not his shortened name or pet name.

There may be more than one person with the same name but if you have his address or personal details like date of birth, it becomes easier. You will get all information through the net. Go to your local or state government website which will give you access to all the information you want. Arrest records of whether the offense is traffic, violent, theft, robbery, murder, business or drug and alcohol related offenses will be shown. Just typing in a person’s name in a search engine will fetch you the details. Basic details are shown but further information needs to be paid. Information is not at all difficult to obtain but if you want a hard copy or an attested one, you may have to go the appropriate office and get one. Anyways its not that hard if you search public criminal arrest records to find out the details of someone’s arrest record free online.

How can I get a background check from the police station?

When you apply for a job, your prospective employer will conduct a background check before the job offer and you will have to give permission for him to do so. It is a very good idea to conduct a background check on yourself before the interview so that you know what details your employer will be getting. This is especially true if it is a police or criminal record that is being checked. It is easy and may cost you a small amount but it is worth it.

If you are conducting a police background check on yourself, the first thing is to get a background check request form from the proper police command. It may be available online in which case it is very easy. You should now fill out the form and pay the fees needed. All details will be printed on the form itself so there is no difficulty whatsoever. You should then send the form along with the fee to the proper authorities either online or at the police statoin. Sit back and wait. It may take some time, depending upon the workload, the area and the state. If there is a ‘clean’ record it may be conveyed by phone. Otherwise you will get a written result. If it is online then you will get the result by email within a few days. Police background checks online are available as well, if you live in a state where they have the proper systems in place online. You can do a background check to find someone’s place of birth or to find out if they have been charged with a crime.

Official resources listed by state.

Alabama | Alaska

Alabama background check The (ABC) Alabama background check system is not for everyone. Also you have to make sure your business qualifies to do a background check on employees and prospective employees. You can also view the FAQ’s to get answers to some questions you may have such as: whats on a criminal background check, who can subscribe to the Alabama background check system, what information is needed to do a background check on someone and more.

Alaska background check Visit this website to do a background check on someone in Alaska. Make sure you fill out the application completely. You should have the release of information form, $25 application fee, certification of positive identification, fingerprint card and fingerprint processing fee. Also learn more about the state statutes and regulations in Alaska.