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How To Look Up Someone’s Criminal Records For Free

The character of a person, a determination of responsibility and suitability for job or relationship is usually obtained through a criminal background check.  The check can tell quite a lot of information.  Regrettably, a comprehensive check on an individual will cost much, especially when you require doing the background check on more than one person periodically.  It is possible to get a free background check but the method that it takes is quite time consuming.  Today with the many search engines, social networks, access to the internet and the US government moving alot of it’s records online, it has become possible to find out lots of information about people for free.

The first thing to do is have some information compiled about the person that you are interested in doing a background check on.  If you are looking for criminal information, the first name and the last name, plus where the person resides is a great starting point for your criminal background search. You can also add more information such as date of birth and or age, driver’s license and other work information you might know about them.  You can provide as much information as possible to help narrow down the criminal search and bring specific results.

Once you have gathered all this information up you can check your state and local government’s police dept and Dept of Justice websites for a criminal search. Accessing these websites should help you find out if someone has been to jail for free, do a sex offender search and you can check public court records to see if they have been convicted of a crime. All these searches can be done using USA government public records. You can access these records for free from your state and local government agencies.

Mainly you want to access public criminal records from the government and you can get this info for free from your local and state government agencies.

The agencies you should try if you want to look up criminal records for free would be the court of clerks office, police department and the Dept of Justice. This is a great starting point for your search.

Other free criminal record check alternatives would be searching social networks like facebook and twitter for possible criminal information. You can also check various people search engines online or even your local police blotter in the newspaper.

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